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Why Choose Granite?

JML Granite Countertops will revitalize the look of your home or business. Why is granite an excellent choice for you?

Granite is extremely resistant to heat, scratches and stains.

Granite is one of the hardest rocks available, approaching diamond in how hard it is. This makes granite the choice for extending the life of your countertops and increasing the resale value of your home.

Granite is exceptional in its natural beauty. Nature provides a variety of colors, patterns, specks and swirls to choose from, making it an unparalleled design solution for your remodeling project.

Granite allows for many styles of sinks, unlike laminate, which requires a sink that overlaps with the countertop.


More About Granite


JML is proud to offer the highest quality of granite design, installation, and workmanship in Austin.

We offer a wide variety of styles, cuts, and colors to suit your vision!



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